I was very honoured (and a little bit surprised) when Luisa Brimble emailed me a few months ago and asked me to photograph the workshop and gathering she was organising for Portland, OR based magazine Kinfolk in Sydney this month.

Well, it happened this week and was an amazing gathering in an incredible place (Glenmore House). The weather was warm, the food delicious. It’s best said in images… full list of partners at the bottom of this post.

Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_001 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_002 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_003 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_004 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_005 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_006 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_007 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_008 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_009 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_010 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_011

Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_020 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_012 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_013 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_014 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_015 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_016 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_017 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_018 Kinfolk_Dinner_Sydney_Jonathan_Wherrett_019

Catering by: Mario’s Kitchen • Venue: Glenmore House • Long tables and benches by: Timbermill • Candles by: Bumble Candles • Invitations & Menu Design by: Supply Paper Co. • Menu letterpress by: Sabine Pick of Pick Me • Film: Katrina Parker • Music by: Rick Falkiner • Flowers by: Katie Marx Flowers • Wines by: Cake Wines • Organic Cider by: Willie Smith’s Organic Cider

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  • Kelly - Beautiful! I feel so hungry now…

  • look see. by naomi fenton - Sensational, beautiful! I’d planned to go but couldn’t get away from work – it looks like it was just amazing! :)

  • Snappystreet - Just beautiful! The light was stunning for all of these gorgeous shots :)

    I loved every photo, and it almost felt like I was there… well, almost! I must admit I’m a little more jealous now!

I believe there’s no better way to preserve and share your wedding photos than in a beautiful album.

No matter how many albums I see, I never lose the excitement of unboxing a new one and reliving the day as I flip through the pages.

Minna and Dominic were married at MONA in Hobart and selected a beautiful 18 x 10 inch album to showcase their photographs. To put that in true perspective, when opened up the album measures almost a metre across! It’s a beautiful big book.

I design all albums personally and then refinements are made by each couple until the design is perfect. I find it really satisfying to condense a collection of images into a book that truly sums up the experience of the wedding day.

The album is covered in a luxurious contemporary genuine leather with the names simply embossed.

Minna and Dominic also selected two 10 inch copies as gifts for their parents.

The ability to mix both full bleed and matted photographs on single page combines the elegance of tradition with a refined modern finish.

The full page images in this album measure 46cm x 25cm.

Matted pages give each photograph a space on the page surrounded by an elegant ivory matte.

Single images can span both sides of a layout. This image is 91cm wide so no detail is missed.

Photographs can extend to the edge of a page giving a clean contemporary finish.

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