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  • Carolyn Scott - What a happy looking wedding! The set of pictures of the bride behind the sheer curtains is adorable… as is every picture in the carousel set. Amazing. Wonderful work, Jonathan.

  • Chelsea Parsons - ahhh that dress shot in the window I love. Gorgeous gorgeous Jonathon.

  • Stewart - Beautiful spread mate! Gotta be happy with those frames :)

  • Gemma Clarke - What an amazing location and beautifully captured!

  • James Boddington - Beautiful work Jonathan

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  • Chelsea Parsons - that’s one of my favourite spots ever to shoot! Love these!

  • Lisa - Total loveliness. I especially love the sunny ones with the yellow crates in the background. Gorgeous!

  • Kristen Cook - Beautiful beyond breath, friend. x

  • Steve Elmer - Pimpin’ style Brother. Lovin the TS :)

  • Kristin - Beautiful! What’s the location? Just gorgeous.

  • kellyltunney - still getting more clever!!

  • Julian Beattie - Absolutely amazing as per usual, JW. Killer, man. Killer. 2nd last image is mind blowing!

  • Robyn Geering - Sensational. Your work is so beautiful.

  • Kate - Beautiful photos and amazing use of the landscape. Where on the East Coast is this taken?

  • Jonathan - Hi Kate + Kristin,

    The locations are Triabunna and Spiky Beach. Thanks for the kind words :-)