Islington Wedding | Catherine and Michael

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James Boddington - Beautiful work Jonathan

Gemma Clarke - What an amazing location and beautifully captured!

Stewart - Beautiful spread mate! Gotta be happy with those frames :)

Chelsea Parsons - ahhh that dress shot in the window I love. Gorgeous gorgeous Jonathon.

Carolyn Scott - What a happy looking wedding! The set of pictures of the bride behind the sheer curtains is adorable… as is every picture in the carousel set. Amazing. Wonderful work, Jonathan.

East Coast Tasmania Wedding Shoot | Jacqueline and James

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Jonathan - Hi Kate + Kristin,

The locations are Triabunna and Spiky Beach. Thanks for the kind words :-)

Kate - Beautiful photos and amazing use of the landscape. Where on the East Coast is this taken?

Robyn Geering - Sensational. Your work is so beautiful.

Julian Beattie - Absolutely amazing as per usual, JW. Killer, man. Killer. 2nd last image is mind blowing!

kellyltunney - still getting more clever!!

Kristin - Beautiful! What’s the location? Just gorgeous.

Steve Elmer - Pimpin’ style Brother. Lovin the TS :)

Kristen Cook - Beautiful beyond breath, friend. x

Lisa - Total loveliness. I especially love the sunny ones with the yellow crates in the background. Gorgeous!

Chelsea Parsons - that’s one of my favourite spots ever to shoot! Love these!