Kirsha and David


Kirsha Kaechele and David Walsh's wedding was never going to be a standard affair.

Taking place over 3 days, the event began on Friday with a river cruise and evening soirée. A ceremony at MONA (Walshy's place) was followed by an evening of dancing on the Saturday. A crawfish boil on the Sunday concluded the festivities with a legendary Australian musical guest. making a surprise appearance.

It was both an honour and a pleasure to be along for the ride and to capture all the action.


Artists Involved:

Sonia Heap: Kirsha's gown

Emma Bugg: Kirsha's crown

Natalie Holtsbaum: wedding rings

Ella Knight and Natalie Holtsbaum: Glassware

Laura McCusker:  Reception table fabrication

Pete Mattila: Steel work - crustacean smashers

Merinda Young: glassware

Richard Clements: Glassblowing - straws

Tora Lopez: Bridesmaids' dress design

Zsolt Faludi, Nanna Bayer + Sara Wright: Ceramics